Elizabeth's Music Studio

Online Summer 2020 MYC Programs

A New Way to Enjoy the Music for Young Children Program this Summer...

You can now enjoy MYC classes from the comfort and convenience of your home!

If you are new, please click here to read more about the MYC program and click here to read more about the online format.

At this time when many children's activities have been cancelled, this could be a perfect opportunity to discover the joy of learning music.

Who will benefit from online classes?

  • Families who live in areas where the MYC program is not available
  • Students who may not be able to attend in-studio classes due to logistical issues (such as vehicles and childcare for siblings)
  • Children who need a "routine" and consistent activity during this time when many programs are cancelled

Exclusively online classes are currently available for a short time, but may be offered longer term if there is continued interest.


***Refer a friend and you both get $25 off your registration***

MYC All-Inclusive Class Fees

Prices include all materials, taxes, and tuition fees for the entire session. All prices are in Canadian dollars.

  • Sunrise 1 - $250 for one child, $70 for an additional set of supplies (if desired for siblings)
  • Sunbeams 1A - $400 per student
  • Moonbeams 1A - $450 per student

Cancellation Policy

  • No refunds on cleared payments, unless the studio cancels a program.

Class Size

  • Keyboard classes have 4-6 students. Sunrise classes have 4-8 families.

Tentative Schedule

(Age 3-5)
10 weekly lessons
30-45 min each
Wednesdays at 4:00June 24 - Sept 2 (No class July 1)
Sunbeams 1A
(Age 6-7)
9 weekly lessons
45-60 min each
Wednesdays at 5:00
Thursdays at 4:00
June 24 - Aug 26 (no class July 1)
July 2 - Aug 27
Moonbeams 1A
(Age 8-12)
11 weekly lessons
45-60 min each
Tuesdays at 1:30
Thursdays at 5:00
June 23 - Sept 1
June 25 - Sept 3

Missed Classes

  • Advance notification is expected of missing a class. There are no refunds for missed classes.

  • All classes are video recorded. Students who miss the class are expected to catch up by watching the video after class.

Parent Participation

  • A parent is required to attend class with each child. (One parent may assist siblings in the same class.)


  • A solid internet connection.

  • A device with Zoom installed to use for the live class. We recommend something with a larger screen, though you can get by with a smart phone. Parents will need to move the camera to show me what their child is doing during some parts of class.

  • For keyboard classes, you'll need a printer to print assignments and games.

  • For keyboard classes, you'll need a quality instrument (keyboard or piano) - minimum requirement is 61  standard size, touch sensitive, keys.

Practice - not applicable to Sunrise

  • Daily home practice (minimum 5 days per week) with parental supervision is required. Only a short time is needed each day, but regular daily practice is essential to keep children motivated and ready for the new concepts that are presented at every class.
  • Younger students need parents to sit with them and be completely involved in their practice. As students mature, they may begin to practice more independently, but throughout the MYC program at least some level of parental involvement will be needed.
  • Practicing includes much more than just playing the piano. It should be fun and engaging! Your teacher will provide you with all the information you need by the first class.


  • I am eager to stay in touch! Please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

A Final Word

  • The benefits of studying music are well documented. In addition to the pleasure of creating beautiful sound, learning to play an instrument helps to develop motor skills and good memory. Music also teaches children self-discipline, concentration and co-operation. It helps them with abstract thinking and builds their power of attention. They learn to work out detailed solutions and how to organise their time to meet deadlines. In the process, they learn to work and think independently. The skills acquired through the discipline of learning to play a musical instrument prove a major factor in the student’s success in all aspects of life.
  • You parents are doing a good thing for your children! Thank you for choosing Music for Young Children.
  • I look forward to spending this session with you and your child!