Elizabeth's Music Studio

Guidelines for Siblings of Students

It is ideal if you can make arrangements for your other children to be elsewhere, but I understand that this is not always easy to do. Therefore I do my best to be flexible and allow siblings to tag along, provided that the following guidelines are followed.

  • You must ask permission from the studio before bringing siblings to class. 
  • Siblings are welcome to wait during class if they can do so quietly without interrupting.
  • Siblings must remain in the waiting area. (In some situations they may be permitted in the classroom.) Siblings must bring a quiet activity to keep them busy.
  • No snacks in the waiting area please. A drink with a lid is ok.
  • Very young infants (not crawling yet) are welcome to sit in (sleep in?) on the class. Please try to arrive a few minutes early so you have time to get settled.
  • Some very unusual toddlers can sit in on the class without causing a distraction. Please ask me if you think your child is up for this and you'd like to try.
  • No type of misbehaviour by waiting siblings will be tolerated. If necessary, I can arrange for a babysitter to come to my house.